AppX, a no-code platform at the forefront of enabling creators to develop and monetize their mobile apps, has made a significant move by acquiring the edtech SaaS business of Appsquadz, a reputable app development company. While the exact financial details and structure of the acquisition deal have not been publicly disclosed, this strategic acquisition signifies a pivotal moment in AppX’s expansion journey.

Founded in 2019 by Sameer Sadana and Anuj Gupta, AppX has been instrumental in empowering creators by providing them with the means to launch their own personal apps and effectively monetize their audience through offerings such as courses and premium content. The company has exhibited remarkable growth, boasting a monthly increase of 30% and achieving profitability. This impressive growth trajectory has solidified AppX’s position as a leader in the no-code app development industry.

Appsquadz, headquartered in Noida, is an app development company with a history dating back to 2014. The company was founded by Chandrakant Agrawal, who serves as the CEO. Appsquadz has cultivated a talented team of over 200 highly qualified and trained professionals dedicated to advancing the global agenda of digitization and digitalization. Their extensive portfolio includes the development of more than 300 apps for clients across 30+ countries, spanning various sectors such as education, healthcare, and eCommerce. Within the diverse landscape of edtech, Appsquadz’s dedicated division collaborates with creators, educators, and edtech startups to craft mobile learning apps that offer innovative and engaging educational experiences.

The strategic acquisition of Appsquadz’s edtech SaaS business by AppX represents a mutually beneficial partnership with substantial growth potential. By leveraging Appsquadz’s existing client base, AppX can enhance its offerings in the realm of learning app development. For creators utilizing the AppX platform, this partnership translates into a wider array of tools and features at their disposal. The acquisition enables creators to design and deliver more captivating content, including video courses, live classes, assessments, and more, all while maintaining their own branded presence on the AppX platform.

This acquisition is poised to reshape the landscape of edtech and creator-focused platforms. AppX’s mission to empower creators through its innovative no-code approach will now be fortified by the expertise and experience brought in by Appsquadz. With the fusion of these two entities, the potential for enhanced educational and engagement experiences is limitless, and both creators and learners stand to benefit significantly.

As the acquisition unfolds, the synergistic capabilities of AppX and Appsquadz will be brought to the forefront. This union is expected to generate ripples of transformation across the edtech and creator industries, driving innovation and presenting a more robust and user-centric experience for all stakeholders involved.

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