Fingerprint, a US-based startup specializing in providing a device intelligence API, has successfully secured a substantial $33 million in its Series C funding round. The funding initiative was spearheaded by Nexus Venture Partners, a renowned venture capital firm, and also saw participation from Uncorrelated Ventures.

Fingerprint’s innovative approach to device intelligence has garnered widespread attention, addressing a crucial challenge faced by numerous companies in accurately identifying devices while ensuring a seamless experience for users. The startup’s device identification API plays a pivotal role in providing additional signals that inform user intent without causing any inconvenience to legitimate users, as highlighted by Fingerprint’s Co-founder and CEO, Dan Pinto.

Pinto elaborated on the company’s mission, stating, “Fingerprint solves this challenge for thousands of companies by enabling accurate device identification and providing additional signals to inform visitor intent without inconveniencing legitimate users.” This approach aligns with the growing need for robust solutions that strike a balance between security and user experience, a challenge that Fingerprint aims to address effectively.

The Series C funding round, led by Nexus Venture Partners, marks a major milestone for Fingerprint, providing the startup with a significant financial infusion to further advance its capabilities and offerings. With the funding, Fingerprint aims to expedite its adoption within larger Enterprise customers, a key driver behind the company’s recent surge in growth.

Fingerprint’s commitment to innovation is evident in its strategic plan to utilize the funds for the development of new tools and capabilities. The focus will be on tackling the most complex challenges in device identification, showcasing the startup’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

The role of Nexus Venture Partners as the lead investor in this funding round underscores the confidence and belief in Fingerprint’s potential to make a substantial impact in the realm of device intelligence. With Uncorrelated Ventures also contributing to the investment, the collective support from these prominent venture capital firms positions Fingerprint for continued success and growth in the competitive tech landscape.

As Fingerprint sets its sights on accelerating adoption, building new tools, and addressing intricate challenges in device identification, the Series C funding serves as a testament to the startup’s trajectory towards becoming a key player in the evolving landscape of device intelligence and API solutions. The industry will undoubtedly be watching Fingerprint closely as it leverages this substantial investment to propel its mission and innovations to new heights.

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