CranioSense, a Boston-based company, has secured the prestigious 2023 Cade Prize for Innovation, marking a significant milestone for the company. The accolade recognizes CranioSense’s groundbreaking invention, which offers a rapid and non-invasive method to measure pressure within the brain, often serving as an early indicator of traumatic brain injuries (TBI). This achievement holds the potential to substantially enhance the accessibility of TBI testing, a crucial development given that only 2% of individuals suspected of having TBI currently undergo testing due to the invasive and risky nature of existing procedures.

Expressing his gratitude, CranioSense co-founder Ryan Myers stated, “The acknowledgment of our vision by the Cade Museum represents a monumental success for our emerging startup. The Cade Prize serves as both validation and a catalyst for our journey. The financial support accompanying this award will enable us to further refine our market strategy, raise awareness about CranioSense, and actively engage with hospitals to gather valuable customer feedback.”

Named in honor of the renowned inventor of Gatorade, the annual $100,000 Cade Prize celebrates and supports visionary concepts with promising commercial potential. Richard Miles, co-founder of the Cade Museum, expressed his satisfaction with the Prize’s evolution from primarily a Florida-focused award to a national recognition. He remarked, “We received applications from across the United States, and it’s noteworthy that four out of the five finalists hailed from outside Florida. In keeping with the Gatorade legacy, the Prize continues to champion research originating from universities.”

Dr. James Robert Cade, a physician and researcher, led the team at the University of Florida in 1965 to develop Gatorade, aimed at treating dehydration and electrolyte imbalances in football players.

CranioSense not only secured the coveted title but also received an initial cash prize of $10,000 for achieving the highest score in the Healthcare and Biomedical category, triumphing over competitors from 15 different states. The award ceremony, held on September 28 in Gainesville, FL, witnessed CranioSense competing with four other category winners, ultimately emerging as the overall winner.

The other category winners include:

Agriculture and Environmental Winner ($10,000 prize): Terra Pave (Austin, TX) – Innovators in environmentally friendly alternatives for concrete and asphalt surfaces, including roads, pavements, parking lots, and more.

Energy Winner ($10,000 prize): Adaptive Hydro (Somerville, MA) – Pioneers in the electrification of non-powered dams (existing dams without power generation capabilities) across the United States.

IT/Tech Winner ($10,000 prize): Connected Wise (Orlando, FL) – Vision-based communication for vehicles facilitated through QR codes.

Wildcard Winner ($10,000 prize): SpadXTech (Worcester, MA) – Developers of an alternative leather material that reduces energy and chemical usage in production, contributing to emissions reduction.

The 2023 Cade Prize is proudly sponsored by several organizations, including the Community Foundation of North Central Florida, Scott R. MacKenzie, OneSixOne Ventures, Saliwanchik, Lloyd & Eisenschenk law firm, Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, The Florida High Tech Corridor, Florida Trend, and Aloft Gainesville University Area Hotel.

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